Entire Mankind has been affected due to Covid – 19. This pandemic has brought all the business sectors down like Transportation, Tourism, Event Management, Hospitality and many more. Fashion Industry is also affected in this scenario. As all the fashion weeks, fashion events, exhibitions are Cancelled/Postponed. As a humans we have to work to live for food and shelter.

So, we a fashion modeling school VOGATTI School of Modeling. Where we train and groom aspiring models to become professional model. We conduct class room training, modeling workshops, photoshoot and many more activities. Since in this digital era we have brought our entire learning mechanism online where we have started online fashion modeling workshop for young one from age 16 years to 30 years. To deliver this workshop we have best industry professional on board who will conduct this workshop to name them we have Amit Ranjan – Super Model, Pooja Vaidya – Super Model, Ken Ferns – Fashion Designer and Stylist and Clint Fernandes – Make up Expert. These all trainers are well rooted in India Fashion Industry they  are part of many brands like Big Boss, Lakme Fashion Week, India Bridal Week, New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Raymond, Maruti Swift and many more

We have brought 7 days modeling workshop which will include session likes Runway Techniques, Posing & Postures, Make Up, Skin Care, Hair Care, Fashion Styling, Wardrobe Management, Fitness training, Nutrition. In this workshop one acquires all the necessary knowledge and experience on the modeling area. We change our students from amateur to professional. They can attended this workshop from anywhere around the globe. Also one gets an opportunity to be part of fashion events, fashion shows, fashion weeks, beauty pageant, reality shows, brand shoot, TV ads, web series and many more.

We are striving to keep fashion industry running in this COVID 19 situation. This is really good platform for those who wish to become a model or wants to explore glamour’s world

Vogatti Associate with India Kids Fashion Week

India Kids Fashion Week is the biggest Kids Fashion Show in India. This event is happening from 2011 in Mumbai and Delhi. IKFW, gives an qualitative opportunities for both designers to showcase their creativity and kids to showcase their innate awesomeness. More than 40 Kids Fashion Designers from India and Abroad participates. To list few kids designers Kirit Rathore, Archana Kochhar, Vikram Phadnis, Sumit Das Gupta, Hilpi Datta Som and Brands like Biba, Sugar Candy, Gap Kids, Max, Kidzania, Nautinati and more. 

In India Kids Fashion Week Season 5 More than 300 Kids were selected out of which 120 kids from Vogatti School Of Modeling was selected. We have given the biggest platform to kids from Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur, Dhule, Surat, Baroda, Kanpur. To Name few kids models like Mokshada Parde, Dev Thakker, Shaumya Pahade, Kavya Patel, Saesh Rajpal and many mores. Parents where so excited to see their children on National Platform walking along with few Bollywood stars like Sushmita sen, Priyank Sharma, Soha Ali Khan and more.

In Season 6 i.e 2018 we are Audition Partner with India Kids Fashion Week and this time IKFW  Fashion Show is happening in 6 Cities which are Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad. We are conduction workshop in 3 Cities which are Nashik, Pune and Hyderabad from May 2018.

If you want to see potential in your child then enrol now.

How Do You Know If Acting And/Or Modeling Is Right For Your Child?

In my experience, there are two types of children that get into the entertainment industry.

The first would be those who truly have an interest in it. They are the ones who watch a television show, commercial, or theatrical production and say “I really want to do that”. As a performer myself, I know that becoming an actor or model is something that is in your DNA. You’re quite not sure why you want to do it, you just do. You feel true fulfillment when in front of the camera or on stage.

The second type of child that gets into the industry are those whose parents want them to be there. These are the ones that have had an interest in the industry themselves, want their child to be “famous”, or see some potential in their child that the child has not recognized in themselves yet. Not to say this is a bad thing.

A child may need a little encouragement and guidance when getting into the field of acting and/or modeling. They may do really well once they are given the opportunity to grow and experience what it means to get into this field.

On the other hand, a child may truly not like it and feel pressurized into doing something that is not right for them. This industry is one of the toughest in the world, especially when it comes to rejections, long car drives, long hours, last minute auditions, and balancing school work with professional work. This is why I always encourage parents to really ask themselves if acting or modeling is right for their child.

Based on experience, these are some of the traits I find in children that are successful with acting and modeling:

  • Enjoy attention
  • Can take direction well
  • Can handle rejection or disappointment
  • Are respectful toward other children and adults
  • Are outgoing in new situations and comfortable interacting with strangers
  • Are reactive and have a variety of facial expressions
  • Good with memorization and improvisation.

At the end of the day, parents should make sure this is what their child wants and is what is best for them. We Vogatti School Of Modeling is here to inculcate within your child.   


Getting your kid into child modeling in India ?

Have you been dabbling with the idea of getting your kid into the child modelling  in India?

Need the lowdown on agencies and castings, and what it’s really like putting your little one in the spotlight? No need to worry you have come to right place, Vogatti School Of Modeling first ever kids modeling school of India. Before getting into Vogatti you should know few things.

All of us have the cutest kids in the world. It is a fact. To every parent on the planet, our own dimpled darlings are the most perfect creations that ever there was. My guess is that many of us have flipped through magazines and proclaimed our own offspring WAY cuter than the baby in the glossy ad. But there is a huge amount more than just good looks to not only getting into the industry, but being successful in it, too. It isn’t for the faint hearted!

Not just a pretty face
Good models, both adult and children alike, are not just judged on their looks alone. Temperament and personality are going to be just as important to your child’s success. Even if your child has the face of an angel, he or she will not get booked if they are uncomfortable in front of the camera and are ill at ease speaking with strangers, and taking direction from them. No one will book your child if they are clearly not interested in being part of something that perhaps is more important to you than it is to them…

Beauty Pageantry VS Fashion Modeling

Beauty Pageantry VS Fashion Modeling

There’s been a longstanding debate on the difference between fashion modeling & beauty pageantry. Many argue it’s the same, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. Here’s my take on it.
Many pageant girls desire to be successful fashion models but very few would be. Fashion modeling requires a certain edge & skill that not many pageant girls possess. Though, some pageant girls do possess the ability to be great commercial models, posing for department store catalogs, advertising swimwear, appearing in commercials for beauty products & such like but rarely have what is required to do editorial/fashion runway modeling. And there’s nothing wrong with that because they have their own niche.
556061_439443862755564_797158925_nI’m sure you all may even notice a difference in the way pageant girls walk & they way fashion runway models walk. Pageant girls tend to have more sway & pizazz, for lack of better words, than fashion runway models do. Equipped with spins & twirls to dazzle the audience & judges. Partly because as a pageant girl the focus is on YOU, but as a fashion runway model the focus is on the clothing. Some fashion models do have a signature walk, but in recent times that practice has dwindled due to the end of the so-called ‘Supermodel Era’ (80s-90s) when pageant girls & supermodels had a very fine line between each other.
This was a time where supermodels usually had a signature walk, usually smiled on the runways while displaying skillful spins & twirls to show off the clothing. Most importantly, they were not the stick figures we see today. They had curves & ‘meat on their bones’ as some would say. The demand on model size stipulations during the end of that era was what put an end to that. And as the demands from designers to hone their artistic integrity rose, all the spinning & twirling was also stopped. Designers have different styles & techniques & wanted to showcase that more on the runways by giving clear commands on how the model should walk (enter & exit), pose & even their overall mood on the runway. Clearly, the models are not in control, like pageant girls are, of themselves. Things have also changed as cultures & societies evolved over the decades.
Even the training in pageantry is different to that of fashion modeling. Contestants are taught to flirt & charm the audience in their favor. Some may say, much like the models of Victoria’s Secret (VS). VS seems to have crossed the aesthetics of the pageant girl & the fashion supermodel, but that is due to the sexual/flirtatious element to the product at hand. Their lingerie collection. A proven marketing success due to their over five BILLION dollars in sales each year. The VS Fashion Show is the one show where known fashion supermodels & the theatrics of pageantry are combined with the help of musical performances to create an extravaganza anticipated by millions each year. However, unless requested, a fashion model generally does not interact with the audience.
Now, femininity may be an asset in pageantry, but androgyny is welcomed in the fashion industry. Femininity can be a disadvantage in fashion editorial/fashion runway modeling. Pageants are mainly about the feminine beauty & glamour of the contestants. Though fashion editorial/fashion runway may have glamorous elements, the key focus is the details of the clothing; the theme, the fabrics, the cuts, the lines, the fit, the color palettes/patterns etc. In beauty pageants, contestants wear clothes that accent & make them look better. However, it is a fashion model’s job to make THE CLOTHES or WEARABLE ART(in cases of haute couture) look good & to convey whatever persona/look as requested by the designer/artist.
Another difference is physical criteria. In pageants, they usually look for the most perfect looking woman. The one whose feminine beauty is so commanding & poised that it stands apart from the rest of the pack. Fashion models do not have to be conventionally beautiful. In fact, sometimes it’s much better for their career if they are not. Clients are usually looking for the next fresh face. A unique face. A face that commands attention. Sometimes a bit weird looking, but one that photographs well. Taking into consideration the bone structure, angles of the face, the symmetry, the width of the eyes, the shape of the lips etc. Being a fashion model also has height restrictions, where pageantry does not.
Pageantry & fashion modeling may have their similarities but their differences have grown to outweigh those similarities since the turn of the 21st century. So don’t be left in dark. Pageantry & fashion modeling are two vastly different things.