Getting your kid into child modeling in India ?

Have you been dabbling with the idea of getting your kid into the child modelling  in India?

Need the lowdown on agencies and castings, and what it’s really like putting your little one in the spotlight? No need to worry you have come to right place, Vogatti School Of Modeling first ever kids modeling school of India. Before getting into Vogatti you should know few things.

All of us have the cutest kids in the world. It is a fact. To every parent on the planet, our own dimpled darlings are the most perfect creations that ever there was. My guess is that many of us have flipped through magazines and proclaimed our own offspring WAY cuter than the baby in the glossy ad. But there is a huge amount more than just good looks to not only getting into the industry, but being successful in it, too. It isn’t for the faint hearted!

Not just a pretty face
Good models, both adult and children alike, are not just judged on their looks alone. Temperament and personality are going to be just as important to your child’s success. Even if your child has the face of an angel, he or she will not get booked if they are uncomfortable in front of the camera and are ill at ease speaking with strangers, and taking direction from them. No one will book your child if they are clearly not interested in being part of something that perhaps is more important to you than it is to them…

Before you pursue the avenue of modelling for your children, do ask yourself (and your child if they are older):

  • Is my child generally outgoing?
  • Can my child take directions from strangers?
  • Can my child pay attention for possibly lengthy periods of time?
  • Does your child want to be a model? Or is it you who wants your child to be a model? If your kid is not keen, then the chances are he or she will not have the drive to succeed that is necessary for getting jobs booked.

Personality comes through on camera, and so casting agents are looking for children who are not only photogenic, but who also bring something a little bit special for a captured moment on film.  Whether the shoot is photography or film, the job will go to the child who performs the best in the casting audition, and not necessarily to the prettiest face.

Given this, you should also consider how well your child is equipped to handle disappointment.  The industry is notoriously competitive and the chances are that you, and ultimately your child, will get a lot of nos before a yes makes it all worthwhile.  It can be disheartening and rather morale-sucking.  It is tough even for adults not to take the nos personally (it really isn’t personal at all, and we do know that, but it still sucks at the time) and so your child really does need to be of a nature that will not allow them to get deflated when their auditions don’t always pan out.

What can you do to help your child break into the industry?
The agency will not only be looking at your child, they will also be looking at you. Commitment on the part of the parents is as important as the child looking good in front of a camera. The agency will be looking for signs from you that you are dedicated to making this work for your child.  They know that ultimately it will be you that has to ferry the child around the island for castings and jobs that they might secure.  They are also looking for parents who are encouraging on set and who can help get the best out of their child once the lens comes out.

A committed parent with a charismatic child is the perfect package to an agency.  It is not all about looks.

You also need to be aware that most shoots and castings will happen during the week.  This inevitably means that the child will need to miss some school, if they are of school age. If you are a working parent, then you will need to take time off to accompany your child for these sessions, too. This is a big ask for both the child and the parent, so you need to think hard about whether this will work for everyone.

The money is not going to be life-changing and sometimes, if you do pursue this with your children, you will question if it is all worth it.  For my own three, their successes so far have been minimal but the fun they have had along the way has been great.  The castings have been fantastic experiences for them and their confidence has definitely grown since we gave this modelling lark a shot. The chances are they are not going to be the next India’s Super Model.  But they are enjoying themselves and so am I. Whether they are chosen for the modelling jobs or not, they will always be picture perfect to me.

Lastly, Vogatti School of Modeling gives you better path towards industry according to your interest and dedication you are giving it for your children. So, join Vogatti School of Modeling and we will welcome you.





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