Getting your kid into child modeling in India ?

Have you been dabbling with the idea of getting your kid into the child modelling  in India?

Need the lowdown on agencies and castings, and what it’s really like putting your little one in the spotlight? No need to worry you have come to right place, Vogatti School Of Modeling first ever kids modeling school of India. Before getting into Vogatti you should know few things.

All of us have the cutest kids in the world. It is a fact. To every parent on the planet, our own dimpled darlings are the most perfect creations that ever there was. My guess is that many of us have flipped through magazines and proclaimed our own offspring WAY cuter than the baby in the glossy ad. But there is a huge amount more than just good looks to not only getting into the industry, but being successful in it, too. It isn’t for the faint hearted!

Not just a pretty face
Good models, both adult and children alike, are not just judged on their looks alone. Temperament and personality are going to be just as important to your child’s success. Even if your child has the face of an angel, he or she will not get booked if they are uncomfortable in front of the camera and are ill at ease speaking with strangers, and taking direction from them. No one will book your child if they are clearly not interested in being part of something that perhaps is more important to you than it is to them…